Pictures of the Sea Watch Condominium in Ocean City, MD

Please Note: We are currently in the process of remodeling and renovating. Most of the outdoor furniture, including the hammocks and hanging chairs, are no longer serviceable and must be replaced. Some of the interior furniture and furnishings are also changing. Please contact us for details on what might be different when you plan your visit.

Does the Property Really Look Like the Pictures?

Most of the exterior photos, with green plants and flowers, were taken at the Sea Watch in June of 2012. The outdoor pool pictures were taken in September of 2011. And the exterior photos without people or green plants were taken in February of 2011; during the off-season when the outdoor pool is not open, the beaches are not crowded, and the rental rates are discounted. Planning your visit in the fall, winter or spring will afford you the opportunity to enjoy a relatively quiet oceanfront location without the crowds that visit during peak vacation season. Of course, during the busiest summer months, you will see the pool in use, people on the tennis courts, kids on the playground, and many people enjoying the beach.

Most of the interior photos were taken in June of 2012, shortly after the unit was painted, renovated, and redecorated. The furnishings you see in the pictures were included features of this condo unit at the time the photos were taken and, again with few exceptions, they are currently available for use by renters. Furniture may be rearranged from time to time, wall hangings and decorative elements may be added or removed, and exterior seating may need to be moved or replaced. However, every reasonable effort has been made to show the major features of this condo in substantially the same condition as you will see them when you arrive.

The point is, we did not put fancy stuff in the condo just to take great looking pictures and then remove it all to use at the next location. However, just as things wear out and need to be replaced in your own house, items like towels, sheets, dishes, glasses, coffee makers... may occasionally need to be replaced with like items. For example, the bedspreads you see in these pictures are in use at the time of this writing. However, they may be a different color or a different material when you rent the condo. And, you might see a black coffee maker in the pictures of the kitchen but a white coffee maker may be there for your use when you arrive. The intention is to provide you with the most accurate representation, which we are able to reasonably offer, of what you will be renting when you book a vacation at the Sea Watch in Unit 100.

Should you have any questions about what is or is not available for your use, please contact us.